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HAIRY POPPINS Pet Nanny, Dog Training &

Behaviour Centre for Medway


Based in Chatham & covering all of Kent. Prices quoted on website are for Medway only. Additional charge applies for rest of Kent




Tel: 07904 595 022  



Pet Nanny, Dog Training

& Behaviour Centre for Medway

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Accredited Behaviourist with:

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Registered Space Dog Trainer

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HAIRY POPPINS holds over 20 qualifications & certificates in animal behaviour, welfare & training which include:


Canine Training & Behaviour

Canine Nutrition

Feline Behaviour & Psychology  

Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Aggression & Rehabilitation

Dog / Dog Aggression

Dog / Human Aggression

Separation Anxiety

Reactive Dogs

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours

Puppy Foundations

Noise sensitivity

 Reliable, affordable

 one-2-one, dog walking service  around Medway



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Modern, reward based, training & behaviour

solutions using scientifically proven methods

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* Group Classes

* One-2-One Training

* Behaviour Consultations

* Limited Dog Walking - NO GROUP WALKS

Covering all of Medway Towns, HAIRY POPPINS offers a range

of services including:


            Dog Training Group Classes          Behaviour Adjustment Consultations

                   One-2-One Training                                    Puppy Courses

                      Puppy Improvers                          Reactive / Older Dog Training

                     Adult Dog Classes                                      Fun Trick Classes