Based in Chatham & covering all of Kent & SE London.

Prices quoted on website are for Medway only.

Additional charge applies for rest of Kent



Tel: 07904 595 022  

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Pet Nanny, Dog Training

& Behaviour Centre for Medway

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Accredited Behaviourist with:

IMDTBLogo SpaceDog

Registered Space Dog Trainer

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Accredited Scent Instructor

UKCSD perfectFit


HAIRY POPPINS Pet Nanny, Dog Training & Behaviour

Centre for Medway 

is the founder of

KARAS Rescue - Kangal & Anatolian Rescue And Support

KARAS Rescue is a small, non profit rescue in the UK which aims to rescue, rehabilitate & rehome abandonded & unwanted Turkish Kangals & Anatolian Shepherds.

We are all volunteers and every single penny we raise goes directly back into the rescue to help more dogs


For more information about KARAS Rescue please see the website here: 

KARAS Rescue on facebook: KARAS Facebook