Based in Chatham & covering all of Kent & SE London.

Prices quoted on website are for Medway only.

Additional charge applies for rest of Kent



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Pet Nanny, Dog Training

& Behaviour Centre for Medway

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Accredited Behaviourist with:

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Registered Space Dog Trainer

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Accredited Scent Instructor

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Walk & Train Service


A 30 minute training session during our walk to help your dog with common behaviour problems such as pulling on the lead, reacting toward other dogs or humans, jumping up, coming back when called or just general good manners.


An initial Pre-Walk Consultation must be booked beforehand to discuss your dogs training needs in more details and to produce a Training Plan which

HAIRY POPPINS will follow during walks.

Owners should also follow the Training Plan wherever possible to allow for the best results.


HAIRY POPPINS is a modern, positive, reward based Trainer using scientifically proven training methods.

You can read more about my training style here:


Walk & Train