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Reactive Dog Programme through one-2-one sessions & specialist Group Class


Build a srtong puppy rather than repair a broken dog .....

By HAIRY POPPINS, Jun 28 2020 02:29PM

Be sure that your puppies are learning what you WANT them to learn & not what you THINK you are teaching them .....

Is your puppy running scared during playtime with other dogs? If so, you're not "socialising" him .... You're teaching him that other dogs are scary.

Is your puppy playing too roughly with other dogs? If so, you're not "just letting him play" ..... You're teaching him thats is OK to bounce on top off / chase / grab other dogs and, as an adult dog, he may do that to the wrong dog one day

Is your puppy frightened when strangers try to stoke him? If so, you're not "teaching him how to get used to it" ..... You're teaching him that strangers are scary.

Is your puppy worried about the loud noise from the Hoover / thunder / motorbikes (insert any loud noise here) If so, he may not "just get used to it" .... He's learning that loud noises are frightening and the list of noises will likely grow over the months.

Have your puppy's back. If he's worried about something or not quite getting it right then help him through it. You brought him into your world. Its your responsibility to teach him.

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