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Think its funny to frighten your dog "for fun"??

By HAIRY POPPINS, May 17 2020 02:38PM

I cant believe this is even a thing.

Since when did it become funny to intentionally frighten the life out of your dog? To chase after them whilst they run away in fear. And worst of all, to film it for your entertainment??

I've seen some truly shocking videos bouncing around on facebook today - a new trend on TIKTOK is to scare your dogs with a silly dance. I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I've been doing a bit of digging and it seems this trend is massive.

I mean, really? Causing your dog any kind of fear is just awful anyway but to INTENTIONALLY cause that fear is just beyond what my brain can cope with!

"Just a bit of fun" ….. "We're just playing" … "Its OK, I gave him a big hug afterwards" ….. "Oh, stop being so boring!" ….. Are all the comments I've seen in favour of this craze.

Its not fun for your dog. The body language I've seen today has broken my heart a hundred times over. Dogs cowering, running away with their tail between their legs. Dogs shaking in fear. Dogs trying to escape but being trapped in a room with this insane dance being forced upon them.

Its truly not funny. For something to be funny then both parties need to be enjoying the experience …. Otherwise its just bullying, cruel & downright nasty.


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