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& Behaviour Centre for Medway



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Accredited Behaviourist:

email: [email protected]    |   tel: 07904 595022




Specialist in Kangals & Anatolian Shepherds


Reactive Dog Programme through one-2-one sessions & specialist Group Class

Behaviour Assessments & Behaviour Adjustment Plans

* For more complex, specific, behaviour problems:

* Separation Anxiety

* Resource Guarding

* Aggression

* Repetitive Behaviours

Group Dog Training Classes

at Elm Court in Gillingham

* Puppy Class

* Puppy Improvers Class

* Reactive Dog Class

* Fun Trick Class

* Adult Dog Training

* Rescue Dog Class

* Scent Work Class

One-2-One Training Courses

at your own home

* Pre Puppy visit & planning

*Puppy Course

*Reactive Dog Course

*Rescue / Older Dog Course

* One-2-One Support Bundles

*Behaviour Solutions

* Scent Work


HAIRY POPPINS is a modern, reward based trainer using  scientifically proven training methods

LBRD (9 of 17)

* Separation anxiety      * Resource guarding

* Pulling on the lead      * Fearful

* Excessive barking      * Nervous

* Toilet training              * Aggression

* Over excited                * Jumping up

* Stranger suspicion   * Recall

    You do not   need to be a

pack leader. You  just  need to train  your  dog well & show him what you want him to do


HAIRY PUPS! Puppy Course

for puppies upto 6 months old  


Set your puppy up for success with HAIRY POPPINS!

Focussing on building a bond between owner & dog, the puppy course covers a range of topics including sit, stay, toilet training, come back when called, puppy nipping, wait, loose lead walking, jumping up, leave, chewing,greeting other dogs, good manners plus much more

Behaviour Adjustment Plan

HAIRY POPPINS can visit you & your dog(s) in your own home

to have a chat, and carry out an assessment. We will discuss any changes that need to be made and go through any training that

may help you & your pooch. The meeting usually lasts around

2 - 3 hours.  A full Behaviour Adjustment Plan will be emailed

to you within 5 days.

A second, follow up visit is automatically included in the price.

Support Bundles can be purchased to offer extra guidance


Training Course

at your own home. Especially designed for the problems you may face with your adopted pooch or your older dog. Fearful, nervous, greeting other dogs, resource guarding, getting along with your current dog

REACTIVE DOG Support Course 

Does your dog bark & lunge at other dogs? Do you dread taking him out for a walk? Is he nervous / fearful of dogs / humans / cars / bikes? The Reactive Dog Support Course will show you how to help your dog and teach you how to start enjoying your walks again

POPPINS IMPROVERS!  Puppy Improver Course

for puppies aged 6 months - 1 year old

Focussing on more advanced training and a great follow up Course from the Puppy Course

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 Online Training & Behaviour  

    direct to your home

* Puppy Training

* Adult Dogs

* Recall Training

* Loose Lead Training

* Behaviour Consultaions

Can be booked in 1 hour slots or full 6 week Course

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